Basic Circuit Simulator





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The Basic Circuit Simulator self-paced online learning course is designed to improve a technician’s understanding of basic series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits found in automotive, transit, and light through heavy-duty vehicles.  You will work with a virtual Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) in a highly interactive simulation to measure voltage, resistance, and amperage of circuits and components in both energized and de-energized states.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to measure voltage, resistance, and amperage of circuits.
  • Use a virtual DVOM simulator to understand measurements in both energized and de-energized states.
  • Build your understanding of the relationships between current, voltage, and resistance.
  • View and track your progress when using the activities included in the course.

Course Benefits: This course provides an introduction to commonly used automotive electrical components and circuits. It covers the relationships between voltage, resistance, and circuits. This course uses a virtual environment to teach you skills you can take to the shop. In this course you will learn how using the DVOM improves accuracy when troubleshooting inoperative components and functions.

Downloadable Reference and Resource Materials are provided via the Help Menu in the course.

ALL Immersed Technologies MicroLearning Courses are CLOUD-based. This is the same format used by all major original automotive manufacturers to train their technicians.


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