Digital Volt-Ohm Meter Plus





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DVOM+ is the ideal performance support tool for those looking to learn and use the Digital Volt-Ohm Meter in real-world situations. Use this product to review the basics of electrical systems and quickly and accurately convert DVOM and DMM readings into specified service information values.

The version includes descriptions of the functions and features of the Fluke 88V and the Fluke 87V automotive multimeter, as well as interactive opportunities to test your knowledge.

DVOM+ pairs with the use of the Digital Volt-Ohm Meter and is helpful even after you have completed the Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) course.

Simulated DVOM displays are used throughout this course and are for training purposes only. Actual measurements and readings will vary with actual use under normal operating conditions.

Course Benefits: A DVOM is one of the most important diagnostic tools available to a technician. When used with the correct schematics, troubleshooting information, and knowledge of electrical systems, most existing faults can be located quickly and repaired effectively using a DVOM.

ALL Immersed Technologies MicroLearning Courses are CLOUD-based. This is the same format used by all major original automotive manufacturers to train their technicians.


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